Terms and Conditions

Return Policy:

Due to the personal cosmetic nature of our product line, we cannot accept returns.  Fragrances are personal and subjective to the user.  We recommend purchasing a scent you are unsure about in sample form first. Sample-size perfumes are available through our official decanting partner at ajevie.com. Another great way to experience a new scent at a lower price point is to purchase it in a bar of soap or a wax tart. 

Third-Party Vendors:

We recommend using caution when purchasing our products from third-party vendors such as second-hand marketplaces, hobby decanters, eBay, Mecari, etc. Purchasing items from any person or website other than BlackHeartedTart.com or Ajevie.com could result in diluted, expired, or falsified products. By purchasing from other unauthorized avenues, you accept all risks. We are not liable for any unsatisfactory product or illness or injury caused by their use. Black Hearted Tart does not resolve customer service issues for items not purchased from our direct website.  Please contact the website or person you purchased from for a resolution or any other additional inquiries. 

Order Cancellations:

Once you complete your order, we unfortunately cannot cancel your purchase or offer a refund. However, if you order the wrong fragrance or formula for our bath and body products, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you! 

Chargeback Policy:

In order to avoid potential penalties such as an account ban and restock fees, we ask that customers contact us via email at blackheartedtart@gmail.com before initiating a chargeback. Our goal is to maintain a positive customer relationship, so we encourage open communication to resolve any issues. By using our products/services, customers acknowledge and accept our fair dispute resolution policy.

Discount Codes:

We are no longer able to retroactively add discount codes. Please make sure to enter them correctly and verify that your total has been adjusted before you complete your purchase. Discount codes given as freebies (for random acts of kindness or for customer service resolutions) expire one year from the creation date. Please keep in mind, that our software only allows ONE discount code per transaction, excluding shipping discounts. We may be reached through the Chat With Us feature on the website should you need assistance. 

Combining Multiple Orders:

When possible, we will automatically combine multiple orders. We will refund any postal shipping overages once we weigh and ship the combined orders. Please note, Route insurance is non-refundable per their policies. To keep processing time on track, we will not combine orders that are spaced more than 3 days apart- unless requested via email. In these instances, please use the most recent order date when referencing your place in the queue. If you have any other issues or questions, please contact us and we are happy to help!

Shipping Errors/Costs:

Buyer is charged actual shipping costs. Our software calculates all shipping costs based on the weight of products. However, sometimes errors may still occur. If your shipping cost seems high, please reach out to us PRIOR to purchasing. We will review your order for weight accuracy. Once we ship, we automatically refund any shipping overages over $3.00. Conversely, if our software undercharges by more than $5.00- we may contact you to invoice the difference before shipping. 

Shipping Discounts:

We offer FREE shipping within the contiguous USA on all orders over $150.00. USA residents outside of the contiguous USA will receive free shipping for orders over $200.00 No code is needed for this discount, as it is automatic. Qualifying total does not include taxes, shipping costs, discounts, or Route insurance.  We will use Ground Advantage unless it is not an option. Canadian customers are not eligible for free shipping but may request a free 6ml perfume oil in the notes at checkout with any purchase over USD 200.00. The perfume must be a current, in stock perfume. 

EDPS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE CONTIGUOUS USA! In order to follow USPS shipping regulations, we will make the following corrections for you: We will automatically replace your EDP with IPM Spray if you purchase an EDP outside of the contiguous USA. We also will change any Priority Mail shipping selection to USPS Ground Shipping within the contiguous USA. Any overages will be refunded and/or given as store credit at our discretion.

Pricing Errors:

We reserve the right to cancel and refund any mispriced items. If we mistakenly entered the wrong price on any item(s), we will contact you once we discover the error. We will then discuss your preferred substitutes or refund.

We recently changed our perfume prices. We will not be adjusting prices to charge more for increases, nor refunding for items that we have lowered our prices on.  The price paid upon purchase stands.  

Incorrect Shipping Address:

Please review the shipping address prior to placing your order. If your address is entered incorrectly, please contact us immediately.  If the package has already been shipped, we will only replace a lost or stolen package at your expense. In the instance of a package being "returned to sender", we will contact you once we receive it.  We will open the package and inspect that the items are in perfect condition. These items will then be rewrapped and boxed anew.  In the case of damaged items, we will contact you to work on a resolution. We charge a handling fee of $5.00 in addition to the shipping charge for this service.   

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Packages:

We are NOT responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages.  We do our best to package each product carefully. We use plumber's tape to help prevent leaks on all fragrances.  We also use shrink-wrap bands and/or plastic baggies to keep non-fragrance items safe in travel.  We use tissue paper and ample padding to fill any empty space. However, we cannot control what happens to packages during transit. We highly recommend purchasing the optional Route insurance at checkout. Claims may be filed with them at https://claims.route.com. More helpful information may be found at https://shoppers.help.route.com. 

If you opted out of insurance during checkout, you are solely responsible for filing a claim with the mail carrier service. Reimbursement for lost, stolen, or damaged packages is not guaranteed without insurance. Discounts will not be transferred during reimbursement or replacement, as these are rectified through Route.  If filing a claim with USPS, we kindly remind you to claim the retail price as the value. We recommend taking photos of all damaged items, including packaging. This information may be needed to file your claim with the mail carrier. Please note, for larger purchases with non-established customers, we may add signature confirmation at our expense to verify delivery. 

USPS https://faq.usps.com/s/article/Domestic-Claims-The-Basics 

Addendum for Canadian Customers:

We want you to have a positive experience shopping with us. We will do all we can to help you from our end, but ultimately all purchases are at your own risk. You are responsible for all customs charges, tariffs, taxes, and fees.  We will not ship items as a "gift", and all actual items and values will be listed on customs forms.  We value any free samples at $0.01. Canadian shoppers have the option at checkout to choose 1st Class or Priority International Mail. If 1st Class mail service is chosen, we will NOT be able to track your order after it is originally scanned in at USPS. Also, insurance is not available on 1st class packages.  We are not responsible for orders that are lost or damaged in transit.  Although Priority Mail service does come with insurance and tracking, we have no control over what happens once it leaves our shop.  Tracking is also very limited or non-existent once it leaves the United States.  It is your responsibility to contact your local customs office with any issues. We will also not be held responsible for items confiscated by customs. Please research what items are illegal to import to your country, and do not purchase them.   The post office requires customers to wait thirty (30) days before filing a claim for a missing package by Priority Mail.  

Tracking Your Shipped Order:

Please review the helpful information on our Order Location Assistance page at https://blackheartedtart.com/pages/where-is-my-order. This link answers many frequently asked questions and has additional information on how to file claims.

Please note: If you purchase Priority Shipping from USPS, this does NOT change the Processing or Turnaround Time. Priority Shipping ONLY determines the time USPS takes to ship once Black Hearted Tart has completed processing your order and given your package to USPS. Priority Shipping will not skip the line of the queue. We have it as an option because it sometimes offers a less expensive price for the customer than Ground Advantage.

Consumer Responsibilities:

Our products may smell delicious, but they are NOT for human consumption. All items are for external use only. Please note (with the exception of wax tarts) that these are body products, and are not designed for use on the face, eyes, or lips. Any future products designed for facial areas will be noted in a product description and will have a lower amount of skin-safe fragrance oils, as required by the IFRA.  No liability will be assumed by Black Hearted Tart for any claims arising out of the misuse of our products. Please read and follow all directions on product packaging and website listing prior to use.

We make no claims to treat or cure any type of illness or health condition. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, please consult your doctor regarding product ingredient contraindications.  Any information provided within the product description does not guarantee results, nor should be considered medical advice. We have tested all items on humans for efficacy and safety. However, allergic reactions could still occur.  Personal product testing is the responsibility of the consumer.  If you experience any discomfort or abnormal reactions, please discontinue use and consult a medical professional immediately.

We reserve the right to change or update this information at will. We reserve the right to refuse and refund (minus transaction fees) the order of any customer we suspect of fraud. Please read over all items carefully and reach out to us with any questions prior to purchasing. You agree to these terms automatically when you make a purchase.