For Refund Policy, Shipping Questions, and additional information- please refer to the Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of our website.

How do I contact customer service?

Email us blackheartedtart@gmail.com , or click on the "Chat With Us" link on our site. If contacting us regarding your order, please include order number or email used for faster results. We do not recommend sending us direct messages through Instagram.  Messages left through Instagram are sometimes hidden from us, and we want to assist you in a timely manner.  

Am I able to request a different carrier oil than the dry oil custom blend?

Absolutely! We use a blend of cyclomethicone, fractionated coconut oil, and Vitamin E.  The cyclomethicone is a vegan, plant based silicone that helps increase the fragrance's longevity.  It also does not absorb as quickly into the skin, so it’s wonderful for people with drier skin types.  If you would like to omit the cyclomethicone and substitute more coconut oil, please request it in the notes. If you have a coconut allergy, we can also leave the coconut oil out and use only cyclomethicone.  In addition to these options, we have other carrier oils on hand.  Please reach out to us for what we have on hand before ordering. 

Does Black Hearted Tart offer custom perfume blends?

We do not offer custom blends. If you would like one of our discontinued scents, please email us at blackheartedtart@gmail.com for assistance. 

Are wholesale orders an option?

Please contact us at blackheartedtart@gmail.com for information. Please put “wholesale inquiries” in the subject line. 

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Almost every product we make is vegan.  We occasionally use vegetarian ingredients in our bath and body products - such as silk protein, honey, or milk. When a particular product is not vegan, we will always note that in BOLD LETTERS.  We list every ingredient on our website in the product description so that you may make an informed purchase.  Products that do not require ingredients listed on the package by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) may not have all ingredients listed on purchased product (usually due to lack of label space). If you receive these items (typically soap or shampoo bars) as a gift and would like to know ingredients, please contact us and we will be happy to send you the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) ingredient list! 

We only source our raw ingredients from companies that promise to be cruelty free and source sustainably. Our custom fragrance blends are derived from pure essential oils, absolutes, resins, aromatics, and phthalate free fragrance oils.  We follow the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) safety guidelines on each ingredient's skin safe exposure levels.

Can you tell me more about the manufacturing and packaging of your products?

Our perfume oil products are made to order.  We make our bath and body bases in small batches every week, and add your preferred fragrance (and color) once ordered. We follow all FDA guidelines for cosmetic manufacturing with adherence to strict sanitation practices. We are an indie home based business and our products are made in a smoke free, pet free environment.  Our products are all designed and tested by Anneliesa Speed (she/her), a licensed esthetician with over 18 years of experience in the cosmetic industry.  We were originally based in Austin, Texas but relocated to Grand Rivers, Kentucky in late 2023. All products are packaged in amber packaging to prevent UV damage and to increase the longevity of the product inside.  We use glass for fragrances and BPA -free plastic for products used in bath or shower to prevent injury from breakage caused by dropping.  We also use plastic for many of our body hydrators, because they may become slippery from oils and dropped as well. We use glossy labels on items that are single use, or not stored in showers or tubs.  We use smudge resistant labels on all items that may be stored in the shower or tub, and on all fragrances and body hydrators to prevent oils from fingers smearing the labels. If you have a label that smears or comes off packaging, we are happy to replace it for you.  

We reserve the right to change or update this information at will. Please read over all items carefully and reach out to us with any questions prior to purchasing. You agree to these terms automatically when you make a purchase.  Updated 7.22.22