Lush + Us

Lush + Us is our collection of Lush brand inspired fragrances. Please see the Lush + Us section of the website to purchase your favorites. 

*All I Want for Christmas is... Yuzu & Cocoa! -Chocolatey notes of cocoa powder mingle with sweet tonka bean.  Neroli is brightened with citrusy notes of yuzu, bergamot, grapefruit, and orange. (Inspired by Yuzu & Cocoa)

American Dream -The nostalgic aroma of strawberry milkshakes from a 50s diner. Creamy notes of warm vanilla and benzoin are sweetened with juicy strawberries.  Soft herbal notes of clary sage and candied lavender add a bit of extra refreshment. (Inspired by American Cream)

Butter Me Up -Velvety cocoa butter and golden vanilla are mingled with sugared amber musk and a touch of aromatic ylang ylang essential oil. A baby soft, comforting aroma. (Inspired by Butterbomb/Butterbear

Comfort Me -A snuggly sweet blend of blackcurrant with woodsy notes of cypress oil and brightening bergamot. (Inspired by The Comforter)

Desperado for Avocado -An invigorating fragrance scented in lemongrass, lemon verbena, bergamot, rosewood, and light musk. (Inspired by Avobath)

Dirty -An earthy and invigorating scent. Refreshing spearmint is blended with herbal notes of  thyme, tarragon, and oak moss on a base of sandalwood. (Inspired by Dirty)

Foxy LadyA clean, fresh, floral scent that’s a must have for any jasmine lover!  A blend of gorgeous jasmine, heady ylang ylang, and a touch of palmarosa. A final note of calming cypress oil balances the bouquet.  (Inspired by Flying Fox) 

Honeybee -Buttery toffee, swirls of honey, and warm vanilla are brightened up with cheery bergamot and tart Brazilian orange. (Inspired by Honey I Washed the Kids)

In Bloom -Sticky sweet marmalade infused with rose and geranium. Brightened with zingy lemon. Sweet vanilla and tonka bean create the base. (Inspired by Rose Jam)

Karma Chameleon -Top notes of orange, lavender, and lemongrass.  Middle notes of lemon, pine, and cassis.  Base notes are a blend of fir resin, elemi, cinnamon, and patchouli. (Inspired by Karma)

Kiss Me Deadly -A heady floral blend of ylang ylang, tonka bean, rose, and indolic jasmine. Inspired by funeral wreaths that are fully bloomed, over-ripe and about to release their petals and wither away. (Inspired by Death and Decay)

Misruling Royals -Sweet and spicy scent with patchouli, musk, and a dash of stimulating pepper. Creamy vanilla tempers down the herbal aroma. (Inspired by Lord of Misrule)

Let It Snow -An irresistibly sweet scent with notes of bubble gum, cotton candy, and vanilla cream. (Inspired by Snow Fairy)

*Let Them Eat Snow Cake -Delicate touches of rose and cassie flower absolutes add a bit of velvety softness to its top notes. Sugared almonds and creamy marzipan create the heart. Warmed on a deeply resinous base of vanilla and benzoin. (Inspired by Snow Cake)

Lust for Life -A heady blend of ylang ylang, rose, and jasmine make for a rich floral fragrance. Sweetened with golden vanilla on a sandalwood base. (Inspired by Lust)

Melt With You -Deliciously decadent cocoa butter, chocolate, and warm honey blend. (Inspired by Soft Coeur).

Miss Atomic Bomb  -A soft, powdery floral with notes of ylang ylang and jasmine on a satiny base of white musk. (Inspired by Sex Bomb)

Mr. Brightside -Mandarin, tangerine and bergamot create a sunshiny citrus fragrance. (Inspired by Brightside)

Olive My Love-  Reminiscent of a Mediterranean orange grove. Aromatic orange flower, citrusy mandarin, and herbaceous green vines. Earthy with a lightly floral musk. (Inspired by The Olive Branch/Pansy)

Poison Apple- Uplifting neroli, zingy bergamot and refreshing Brazilian orange with deep, dark rose enhance this tempting apple fragrance. (Inspired by So White)

Purple Rain -Sweet and tart with Sicilian mandarin, with osmanthus blossoms, bittersweet petitgrain, and juicy plums. (Inspired by Plum Rain/Plum Duff)

Relentless -Bright notes of grapefruit and lemon blended with star anise create a layer of spiced citrus. Sweet tonka bean helps lighten the rich base of labdanum and patchouli. (Inspired by Rentless) 

Sleepy Twilight  -Created with a sensual blend of soft lilacs and sugared lavender. Made cozy with warm woods, white musk, tonka bean and vanilla cream.  (Inspired by Sleepy/Twilight)

*Smells Like Xmas SpiritA delectable mouth watering scent that reminds us of the holidays. Creamy caramel, cocoa powder, and a touch of warm spices are absolutely enticing.  Ylang Ylang cuts through the sweetness and adds a bit of sophistication. (Inspired by Yog Nog)

Spirit Street -Top notes of zesty lemon and sparkling lime.  A heart of jasmine and ylang ylang, on a base of tonka bean and sandalwood. (Inspired by 29 High Street)

Sultana -Golden sultanas, succulent red currants, tart cranberries and juicy apricots combine for a sweet and tart scent. Cheery bergamot and grounding olibanum delight the senses. (Inspired by Sultana of Soap

Sweet Lady Queen -Sugared fruit slices with pink bubble gum, cotton candy fluff, lemon drop candy, and Madagascar vanilla. (Inspired by Candy Fluff)

Then They Kissed Me -Creamy osmanthus blossoms, apricots, myrrh, labdanum, and amber. (Inspired by 1000 Kisses Deep)

Vanilla O'Lay -Rich vanilla is mixed with the aroma of comforting burnt caramel. Elevated with hints of sweet tonka bean and and sheer white florals. (Inspired by Vanillary)

You’re a Rock Star!  -A blend of strawberry-coconut top notes, heart of powdery violet, with a base of vanilla cream and almond. (Inspired by Rock Star)

Disclaimer: Black Hearted Tart is not affiliated with Lush. References to Lush fragrances are for descriptive purposes only. Fragrances are not made by the Lush brand.

*These scents are seasonal. Please reach out to us via chat or email if you would like to purchase. We typically have a small amount on hand. 

Updated 2.24.23