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Black Hearted Tart is not affiliated with Lush / Cosmetic Warriors, LTD.  Lush + Us fragrances are manufactured by Black Hearted Tart. All scent references are for descriptive purposes only. 

All I Want for Christmas is... Yuzu & Cocoa! -Chocolatey notes of cocoa powder mingle with sweet tonka bean.  Neroli is brightened with citrusy notes of yuzu, bergamot, grapefruit, and orange. Inspired by Yuzu & Cocoa

American Dream -The nostalgic aroma of strawberry milkshakes from a 50s diner. Creamy notes of warm vanilla and benzoin are sweetened with juicy strawberries.  Soft herbal notes of clary sage and candied lavender add a bit of extra refreshment. Inspired by American Cream

Australia - A refreshing blend of invigorating eucalyptus, zingy lemongrass and cooling peppermint. Inspired by Outback Mate by Lush

Butter Me Up -Velvety cocoa butter and golden vanilla are mingled with sugared amber musk and a touch of aromatic ylang ylang essential oil. A baby soft, comforting aroma. Inspired by Butterball/Butterbear

Charming -A charming blend of sweet and tart. Irresistibly juicy pomegranate and lip puckering grapefruit create a swoon worthy combination. Infused with vanilla pod and marshmallow root to add a creamy component. Inspired by Prince Charming

Comfort Me -A snuggly sweet blend of blackcurrant with woodsy notes of cypress oil and brightening bergamot. Inspired by The Comforter

Darjeeling Darlings -The flowery fusion of frangipani, jasmine, and tuberose intertwine to create a captivating floral. Geranium and sandalwood lend a warm, earthy aroma. Hints of clove and coumarin add a bit of sultry spice to the creamy vanilla base. Inspired by Sikkim Girls

Desperado for Avocado -An invigorating fragrance scented in lemongrass, lemon verbena, bergamot, rosewood, and light musk. Inspired by Avobath

Dirty -An earthy and invigorating scent. Refreshing spearmint is blended with herbal notes of  thyme, tarragon, and oak moss on a base of sandalwood. Inspired by Dirty

Don’t Rain on My Parade -Top notes of mimosa and cassie absolute add a honeyed nuance. Ylang ylang and vanilla warm the heart of its deep violet core. Vetiver adds an earthy grounding element to the sandalwood base. Inspired by Tuca Tuca/Violet Showers

Foxy Lady- A clean, fresh, floral scent that’s a must have for any jasmine lover!  A blend of gorgeous jasmine, heady ylang ylang, and a touch of palmarosa. A final note of calming cypress oil balances the bouquet.  Inspired by Flying Fox

Halo Halo Halo -Soft citrus, sweet sugared fruit fragrance with a hint of mint. Inspired by Angels Delight  

Heaps of Imogen -Vetiver and iris root add earthy, wet grass elements. Lemon and bergamot add citrusy brightness. Damask rose petals create the heart. Grounded on a base of ambrette seeds and tonka bean. Inspired by Imogen Rose

Honeybee -Buttery toffee, swirls of honey, and warm vanilla are brightened up with cheery bergamot and tart Brazilian orange. Inspired by Honey I Washed the Kids

Ice Cold -A frosty blend of iced rose with sparkling grapefruit and uplifting neroli will warm the coldest hearts. Inspired by Frozen

Iconic -A scent with star power! Shine bright with bergamot, mandarin, and orange blossom. Keep them all enthralled with a lingering base of sultry sandalwood and resinous myrrh. Inspired by Icon

In Bloom -Sticky sweet marmalade infused with rose and geranium. Brightened with zingy lemon. Sweet vanilla and tonka bean create the base. Inspired by Rose Jam

Karma Chameleon -Top notes of orange, lavender, and lemongrass.  Middle notes of lemon, pine, and cassis.  Base notes are a blend of fir resin, elemi, cinnamon, and patchouli. Inspired by Karma

Kiss Me Deadly -A heady floral blend of ylang ylang, tonka bean, rose, and indolic jasmine. Inspired by funeral wreaths that are fully bloomed, over-ripe and about to release their petals and wither away. Inspired by Death and Decay

Misruling Royals -Sweet and spicy scent with patchouli, musk, and a dash of stimulating pepper. Creamy vanilla tempers down the herbal aroma. Inspired by Lord of Misrule

Let It Snow -An irresistibly sweet scent with notes of bubble gum, cotton candy, and vanilla cream. Inspired by Snow Fairy

Let Them Eat Snow Cake -Delicate touches of rose and cassie flower absolutes add a bit of velvety softness to its top notes. Sugared almonds and creamy marzipan create the heart. Warmed on a deeply resinous base of vanilla and benzoin. Inspired by Snow Cake

Love U 24/7 -Candied lime slices and litsea cubeba oil create a strong citrus presence. Ylang ylang and lemongrass add a bit of complexity. Tonka bean and caramel create a sweet foundation. Inspired by 25:43

Lust for Life -A heady blend of ylang ylang, rose, and jasmine make for a rich floral fragrance. Sweetened with golden vanilla on a sandalwood base. Inspired by Lust

Melt With You -Deliciously decadent cocoa butter, chocolate, and warm honey blend. Inspired by Soft Coeur

Mint Condition -Cool, crisp, and clean peppermint perfection. Inspired by Dr. Peppermint

Miss Atomic Bomb  -A soft, powdery floral with notes of ylang ylang and jasmine on a satiny base of white musk. Inspired by Sex Bomb

Mr. Brightside -Mandarin, tangerine and bergamot create a sunshiny citrus fragrance. Inspired by Brightside

Nom Nom Nom -A fruity blend of strawberry, passionfruit, and bergamot drizzled in wild honey. This “berry passionate” blend is absolutely delicious! Inspired by Yummy Yummy Yummy

Olive My Love-  Reminiscent of a Mediterranean orange grove. Aromatic orange flower, citrusy mandarin, and herbaceous green vines. Earthy with a lightly floral musk. Inspired by The Olive Branch/Pansy

Poison Apple- Uplifting neroli, zingy bergamot and refreshing Brazilian orange with deep, dark rose enhance this tempting apple fragrance. Inspired by So White

Purple Rain -Sweet and tart with Sicilian mandarin, with osmanthus blossoms, bittersweet petitgrain, and juicy plums. Inspired by Plum Rain/Plum Duff

Relentless -Bright notes of grapefruit and lemon blended with star anise create a layer of spiced citrus. Sweet tonka bean helps lighten the rich base of labdanum and patchouli. Inspired by Rentless

Sleepy Twilight  -Created with a sensual blend of soft lilacs and sugared lavender. Made cozy with warm woods, white musk, tonka bean and vanilla cream.  Inspired by Sleepy/Twilight

Smells Like Xmas Spirit- A delectable mouth watering scent that reminds us of the holidays. Creamy caramel, cocoa powder, and a touch of warm spices are absolutely enticing.  Ylang Ylang cuts through the sweetness and adds a bit of sophistication. Inspired by Yog Nog

Spirit Street -Top notes of zesty lemon and sparkling lime.  A heart of jasmine and ylang ylang, on a base of tonka bean and sandalwood. Inspired by 29 High Street

Starlight- Citrusy notes of lime and orange are sweetened with sparkling white grape juice. Light touches of rose and geranium are blended into the base of warm patchouli musk. Inspired by Supernova

Sticky Sweet -Sticky date syrup enhanced with orange juice, is blended with soothing notes of  sandalwood and the rich, caramelized aroma of vanilla and benzoin.  Inspired by Sticky Dates 

Sultana -Golden sultanas, succulent red currants, tart cranberries and juicy apricots combine for a sweet and tart scent. Cheery bergamot and grounding olibanum delight the senses. Inspired by Sultana of Soap

Sweet Lady Queen -Sugared fruit slices with pink bubble gum, cotton candy fluff, lemon drop candy, and Madagascar vanilla. Inspired by Candy Fluff

Tender is My Heart -Sensual jasmine paired with soothing ylang ylang creates a soft, yet sexy, floral blend.  Balanced with warm notes of sweet vanilla. Inspired by Tender is the Night

Then They Kissed Me -Creamy osmanthus blossoms, apricots, myrrh, labdanum, and amber. Inspired by 1000 Kisses Deep

Vanilla O'Lay -Rich vanilla is mixed with the aroma of comforting burnt caramel. Elevated with hints of sweet tonka bean and and sheer white florals. Inspired by Vanillary

Venus -Sultry jasmine absolute is blended with sugared rose petals to create a divine botanical floral. Smoky sandalwood combines with resinous oud to create an earthy, woodsy base. The combination results in a scent that feels delicate, yet evocative. Inspired by Goddess

We Gonna Celebrate- Orange flower and lime top notes fizz and shimmer. Honeyed cognac, enlivened with sweet almond and cocoa, warms the heart. Vanilla and benzoin create the base. Inspired by Celebrate

Wooden Heart  -Amber, frankincense, and iris add a bit of soft romance to a woodsy heart composed of sandalwood, cedar, and oud. Inspired by Oudh Heart

You’re a Rock Star!  -A blend of strawberry-coconut top notes, heart of powdery violet, with a base of vanilla cream and almond. Inspired by Rock Star

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