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Deeply Hydrates and Repairs Hair

Repair and Restore Deep Conditioner/Hair Mask

Repair and Restore Deep Conditioner/Hair Mask

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A Breath of Fresh Hair! Repair and Restore Deep Conditioner and Mask is best for normal to dry hair types; especially those with damaged or dehydrated strands. Also a wonderful choice for curly hair types. Our deep conditioner was designed to repair damage and promote new hair growth, without sacrificing volume or manageability. Formulated with hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, jojoba oil, and grape seed oil to deeply nourish both hair and scalp. Rice protein helps fortify hair to prevent further breakage and reduce split ends.  Biotin extract promotes new hair growth. Vegan polymers reduce static and tame fly-aways for smoother strands without silicone. Additionally, this product may be used as a weekly mask for normal to fine hair types for a boost of hydration and/or repair.

*Lush Scent Duplicates are marked with an asteriskDisclaimer: Black Hearted Tart is not affiliated with Lush. References to Lush fragrances are for descriptive purposes only. Fragrances are not made by the Lush brand. 

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Ingredients:  Glycerin u.s.p, Hydrolyzed rice protein, Cetearyl Alcohol Behentrimonium Chloride and Polyquaternium 37, Dexpanthenol, Phenoxyethanol /Ethylhexylglycerin, Sorbitan laurate, Aqua (Water), Vitis Vinifera (Grape Seed Oil), Simmondsia Chinensis (Golden Jojoba Oil) Fragrance*, Biotin Extract: (potassium, sorbate sodium benzoate, citric acid, biotin).

Some fragrances may cause conditioner to darken over time, due to high vanillin (vanilla) content.  Some scents may also thin out the product slightly.  Please expect some variation in viscosity from scent to scent.  The conditioner is still safe to use. 

How to use

To use: Apply to wet, freshly shampooed hair. Work desired amount through hair, giving extra attention to tangles and ends.  For best results, use a wide tooth comb while in the shower to evenly distribute product from roots to tip. Leave on hair for several minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Extend your scent by refreshing hair with Scent Cloud or Scent Cloud Eau Fraiche! 


Each conditioner/mask is packaged in a BPA-free amber plastic jar with a black plastic lid. Labels are water resistant, and removable so that you may reuse jar once empty.  Label designs may vary slightly from product images.  Product is packaged by volume to the fill line of jar.  Label designs may vary slightly from product image.  Approximately 4 ounces.  


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