Valentine's Day Bath and Body Collection

Black Hearted Tart Original Blends:

69 Roses -A modern rose scent created with freshly cut long stemmed pink roses. Light touches of peony and violet soften the scent further. A bit of garden greenery adds an herbaceous essence.

Black Hearted Love -A heart of sensuous black rose and white patchouli musk. Toasted vanilla beans and rich vanilla orchids keep things sweet and silky. A bit of cinnamon leaf and clove add some heat. Smoky embers of sandalwood create the base.

Bergamot & Heartbreak -The herbaceous hay like and faintly smoky tobacco essence of immortelle absolute is complimented with the soothing aroma of black tea leaves. Italian bergamot brightens with the addition of lemon zest and bitter orange leaf. All on a blended base of vanilla sandalwood.

Champagne Supernova -Fizzy pink champagne is elevated with frozen mangoes and a sweet red berry accord.  Freesia petals, baby powder, and cashmere musk add a flirty feel. 

Crown of Love -Red rose accord is softened with cherry blossoms, tulips, geranium, and freesia. Champagne brut and cashmere musk add a light powdery freshness. Raspberry sorbet, candied apple slices, and grape jelly make for a jammy rose blend.

Falling Slowly -Pink peonies and bright red poppies are the forefront of this swoon worthy, woodsy floral. Sheer iris, rose, and jasmine act as supporting notes in this heady floral bouquet. Cassis, blackberries, rhubarb, and mandarin are mouth watering and intoxicating. Kisses of deep mahogany, white suede, sensual patchouli, and soothing sandalwood make this an irresistibly sexy scent.

Heart-Shaped Box -The addictive aroma of chocolate truffles made with cocoa powder, sweet cream, and a hint of vanilla bean.

My Bloody Orange Valentine -Succulent, ripe and tart blood orange note. 

Sweet Avenue -Pink sugar and cherry blossoms create a cotton candy floss accord. Fizzy strawberry and blue raspberry smell like red pop rocks candy. Bubbly citrus notes of tangerine and mandarin evoke orange soda nostalgia. Candy conversation hearts of tart apple and sugar crystals, along with vanilla musk create the base.

Temptation - A ménage à trois of decadence! Chocolate with notes of both milk and dark varieties. Caramel with honeyed nuances. Toffee with rich, buttery goodness.

Lush + Us Scents:

Charming  -A charming blend of sweet and tart. Irresistibly juicy pomegranate and lip puckering grapefruit create a swoon worthy combination. Infused with vanilla pod and marshmallow root to add a creamy component. (Inspired by Prince Charming) 

Foxy Lady- A clean, fresh, floral scent that’s a must have for any jasmine lover!  A blend of gorgeous jasmine, heady ylang ylang, and a touch of palmarosa. A final note of calming cypress oil balances the bouquet.  (Inspired by Flying Fox) 
Heaps of Imogen -A fresh botanical rose. Vetiver and iris root add earthy, wet grass elements. Lemon and bergamot add citrusy brightness. Damask rose petals create the heart. Grounded on a base of ambrette seeds and tonka bean. (Inspired by Imogen Rose) 
Love U 24/7 - Candied lime slices and litsea cubeba oil create a strong citrus presence. Ylang ylang and lemongrass add a bit of complexity. Tonka bean and caramel create a sweet foundation. (Inspired by 25:43)
Lust for Life -A heady blend of ylang ylang, rose, and jasmine make for a rich floral fragrance. Sweetened with golden vanilla on a sandalwood base. (Inspired by Lust)
Nom Nom Nom -A is a fruity blend of strawberry, passionfruit, and bergamot drizzled in wild honey. (Inspired by Yummy Yummy Yummy)
Then They Kissed Me -Creamy osmanthus blossoms, apricots, myrrh, labdanum, and amber. (Inspired by 1000 Kisses Deep)