Spotlight Accords


Bright Bergamot Accord - Citrusy and bright, this bergamot accord uplifts and energizes! (featured in Bergamot & Heartbreak)

Coffee Bean Accord - A freshly brewed cup of coffee with a little bit of sugar and cream.  (featured in Idyllwild)

Cool Cucumber Accord - Crisp and cool cucumber water with a sprig of spearmint. (featured in Geranium Kisser/Killer)

Earl Grey Tea Accord - Black tea leaves blended with bergamot essential oil.  (featured in Werewolves of London)

Earthy Rose Accord -  Red rose accord enhanced with freshly tilled garden soil. (featured in Big Time Sensuality

Field of Clover Accord - A dew covered field with notes of clover and sweet grass.  (featured in Hips Like Cinderella)

White Gardenia Accord - Heady gardenia, a classic white floral. (featured in Only in Dreams)

Honeyed Pear Accord - Baked pears drizzled with wild honey. (featured in Just Like Heaven)

Magnolia Tree Accord - Lush petals of sweet southern magnolia. (featured in Piece of My Heart

Red Velvet Cake Accord - Chocolatey notes of red velvet cake generously frosted with rich buttercream.  (featured in Lay All Your Love On Me)

Sensual Musk Accord - Soft musk blended with golden amber and hints of sandalwood. (featured in Fade Into You).

Soft Orchid Accord - Tropical butterfly orchids softened with notes of silky white musk. (featured in Porcelina)

Sweet Cashmere Accord - Rich vanilla cashmere creates a heart of cozy comfort. (featured in Treehouse)

Vanilla Cream Accord-  Dollops of sweet cream with notes of tonka bean and vanilla. (featured in Strawberry Cream Puff)