Discontinued Scent List

These fragrances are not currently available for purchase. This list is for reference purposes only.  

A Pretty Girl -Soapy bubble bath water with a slightly sweet floral undertone. White musk mimics the scent of freshly cleansed skin. 

Blame It On My Juicy Pear -Sweet and juicy authentic pear note. 

Changing Colours -Spoonfuls of plum and pomegranate jam spread atop cranberry scones.  Sugary apple cider doughnuts coated in cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.  Pomander oranges studded with cloves and black peppercorns. 

Christmas Waltz -Sugar plum accord created with sweet plum wine, blackberry syrup, and raspberry jam. Wrapped in spun sugar on a base of vanilla and pink musk.

Christmas Treat -Light chocolate essence made with cocoa powder, meringue, and vanilla bean. Predominant sweet orange accord with a bit of bergamot to tone down the sweetness.

Father Christmas -Christmas tree accord made with blue fir, pine, and red cedar.  Roasted chestnuts and sugar coated pecans.  Freshly baked gingerbread cookies on a plate by the fireplace.  

Feliz Navidad -Crispy and light fried dough fritters are dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Topped with warm piloncillo sugar syrup. 

Free Fallin’ - An autumnal blend of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon with a bit of a sweet vanilla. Perfect for layering with your favorite fall fragrances to “spice things up”!

Good Day Sunshine - A sunshiny citrus blend! Bergamot and mandarin with a sandalwood base. 

*Halo Halo Halo -Soft citrus, sweet sugared fruit fragrance with a hint of mint. (Inspired by Lush scent Angels Delight)

Holly Jolly-Who spiked the eggnog?! Creamy, buttery, and heavy on the vanilla. Sprinkles of nutmeg and cinnamon. Made extra boozy with notes of amaretto liquor.

Imagine Dragonfruits -Sweet dragonfruit enhanced with mandarin slices and zesty lime. Fragrant frangipani flowers add a soft, floral musk. 

Joy to the World -Vanilla bourbon bundt cake served with baked spiced pears.  A boozy vanilla scent with tart pear and hints of cinnamon in the background.

La Vie en rose -Simply sweet pink rose petals with milky vanilla. 

Mr. Mistletoe -Eucalyptus, pine, moss, cedar and a kiss of camphor.

Number of the Beast -Ylang ylang, neroli, and lemon. Powdery civet musk (synthetic) enhanced with notes of leather. Spiced sandalwood incense and patchouli. 

Tiger Mountain Peasant -Warm pumpkin pie served ala mode with coffee bean ice cream and maple syrup drizzle. Aromatic cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove spices were blended with savory pumpkin custard. Bakery notes of butter and vanilla were added for a comforting warmth. Additional notes of espresso, maple syrup, and cream make this fragrance a Pumpkin Spice Latte fan favorite.  

*On Fire -Fire tree oil, sandalwood, lemon myrtle, lemongrass, bergamot, and orange flower. (Inspired by Lush scent Fire Tree)

Outside of Eden -Apple crisp with baked cinnamon apples and a buttery streusel  topping.  Fresh green apples dipped in a decadent caramel sauce and rolled in crushed pecans.  Tart cranberry and citrusy sweet orange applesauce.

Pamplemousse -Classic pink grapefruit single note with hints of pink florals.

Pink Flamingo -Pink grapefruit and orange slices add a sweet citrusy punch. Rose petals add a soft, floral essence. 

Pretty Pink Ribbon -Cherry blossoms, magnolia, peony, and long stemmed pink roses comprise the heart of this pretty floral bouquet.  Creamy shea butter and vanilla musk create a silky base that is petal soft. 

Pumpkin Head -Handfuls of roasted pumpkin pulp, crumbles of sweet and salty peanut brittle, drizzled in a rich, buttery caramel sauce. a collection of gourmand fall flavors that celebrate pumpkin season without the spice.

Pump Up the Jam -A mouthwatering blend of sweet blackberry jam with tart raspberries and pulpy orange juice. 

Spitting Venom -Notes of oak moss and musk slither through a base of patchouli and black amber.  Bourbon bites into a citrusy blend of blood orange, neroli, and palmarosa.  

Strawberry Bubblegum -Strawberries steal the show of this fruity fragrance. Mangos, guava, coconut, and pineapple up the juiciness. Sugary vanilla bubblegum makes it absolutely lip smacking and mouth watering!

Such Great Heights -A heady blend of roses, violets, and lilacs. Fresh rosemary and cannabis add an herbaceous element.  Incense of sandalwood and cedar comprise the base. Elevated with clove and a dash of black pepper.

Sweetness -Sparkling sugar crystals, honey swirled in vanilla cream, all on a base of tonka bean and benzoin.

Twisterella -Inspired by one of the most popular Tex Mex beverages of summer, the avocado margarita! Creamy avocados are blended with cactus juice and aloe.  Tangy tequila, citrusy dry orange liqueur, and zesty lime comprise the classic frozen margarita.  A dash of sea salt and a sprig of cilantro make it even more festive.  A base of sheer sandalwood and green musk keeps the scent lasting past Happy Hour!

Vanilla Orchid - Marshmallow, condensed milk, vanilla, and sheer florals.

Wild Sweet Love - Sticky maple syrup, gooey butterscotch sauce, and buttery caramel pecan pralines.  Fresh pumpkin and a bit of orange zest were added to balance the sweetness.  Warm amber and dark vanilla create the base. 

White Winter Hymnal -Cranberry wreath with evergreen notes of pine and fir. Freshly fallen snow with crisp notes of cypress and mint. Wafts of chimney smoke. Vanilla cedar base.

Wonderful Christmastime -Crème de menthe, crushed candy canes, and spearmint create the coolest, crisp mint accord. Vanilla cream and marshmallow fluff make it extra delicious.

updated 1.11.23