Boba & Blooms

First Love/Late Spring -Sakura blooms are enhanced with a springtime bouquet of white rose, peony, and pink magnolia. Subtly sweet matcha mochi with notes of green tea and mochiko rice flour. Pink peppercorn awakens the earthiness of the white musk and vetiver base. This fresh floral feels both ethereal and clean. 
Fool for Ube - Buko coconut milk shake made with fresh green coconut, ice cold milk, and simple syrup. Served with a slice of nutty and sweet ube halaya cake.  Coral hibiscus oil adds a lightly floral element to this tropical gourmand fragrance. 
Imagining Sunsets - Queen Pineapple smoothie is punched up with peach and orange bursting boba. Asian pear and grated ginger add a fresh crispness. Plumeria flowers add a breezy sweet white floral accord.   
Libidreams -Taro milk tea made with taro powder, coconut milk, black tea, and tapioca pearls is topped with marshmallow fluff and drizzled with sweet violet and jasmine syrups. This fragrance smells soft and romantic, while still appealing to gourmand scent lovers. 
My Darling Lamb -White poppies and pink jasmine commingle in delicate softness. Brown sugar boba with notes of cold milk, caramelized sugar syrup, and seeped black tea create a warm heart.  Black amber and toasted vanilla bean cuddle up to create a comforting base
Sophomore Sweetheart -Fruity notes of pink lady apples and crushed raspberries inspire a playful sweetness. Rose milk tea lends creamy, floral aromatics. Pink lotus absolute rounds out the warm honeyed essence of sticky Medjool dates. All elements combine creating a rich gourmand with a petal soft dry down. 
Surfpunk -A refreshing blend of beachside Japanese treats! Mango Purin jelly dessert made with mango purée and milk. Melon cream soda with notes of sweet honeydew and vanilla ice cream. Kakigori shaved ice topped with musk melon sugar syrup and sweetened condensed milk. 
Yuuwahuu -Iced Thai tea with notes of black tea, star anise, and cardamom is muddled with fresh summer peaches and garnished with mint. Osmanthus absolute’s apricot note enhances the peach notes, while its slightly indolic note accents the white musk base.