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For the remainder of June- scent options for bath and body products will be limited to the scents below. Our full catalog will return when we re-open after our summer break. 

Absolutely Cuckoo -Refreshing coconut water poured over fresh peaches and topped with orange zest. A splash of vanilla adds creaminess. 

Brighter Than Sunshine -Opens with the scent of mouth watering lemon bars with enticing notes of gooey lemon curd, buttery shortbread crust, and sprinkles of powdered sugar.  Orange blossoms blended with mandarin and wild honey add a soft floral element.  Sun brewed sweet tea accord adds a refreshing spritz of herbaceous freshness to this sunshiny blend.  Sweet amber and golden vanilla create the base. 

Cannonball -Ripe strawberry flesh, tart and tangy pomegranate seeds, and hints of black cherry create a complex red berry accord.  Blackcurrant liqueur deepens the fragrance further.  Subtle touches of pipe smoke, leather, and cedar add a sultry sensuality.  Grounded on a base of cherry wood and musk.

Dance on the Moon -Creamy magnolia flowers with a spritz of lemon, and a sprinkle of jasmine petals. Notes of shea and cocoa butter blended with coconut cream and pistachio milk. Cashmere, sandalwood, cedar, and tonka bean create a soft, comforting base.

Electric Feel -Sparkling lime top notes are effervescent and electric! Lychee fruit with subtle nuances of rose, melon, and grape cut through the tartness.  Citrus glazed bundt cake fresh from the oven adds a delicious, buttery warmth. The fragrance is rounded out with a base of golden amber and sweet musk. 

Geranium Kisser/Kisser -Orange blossoms and geraniums float in a pool of cucumber spa water with a kiss of spearmint. 

Girlfriend in a Coma -Herbaceous blend of lavender leaves and flowers. Calming touch of vanilla musk.  Warmed with tonka bean, cedar, and sandalwood. 

Head Over Heels -Fresh apple, apricots, plum, and a splash of citrus open the fragrance. Complemented with blossoms of pink magnolia, heliotrope, and vanilla orchid. Bottom notes of honeyed amber and marzipan add sweetness, while creamy sandalwood adds depth.  

Heart of Gold -Fresh honeysuckle blended with crisp daffodil and its sweet green nuances. Caramelized sugar heightens the natural vanillic aspects of the floral notes creating a buttery floral gourmand. 

Honeybee* -Buttery toffee, swirls of honey, and warm vanilla are brightened up with cheery bergamot and tart Brazilian orange. (Inspired by Honey I Washed the Kids)

Imagine Dragonfruits** -Sweet dragonfruit enhanced with mandarin slices and zesty lime. Fragrant frangipani flowers add a soft, floral musk. 

La Dolly Vita -Delicate damask rose petals float in warm marshmallow milk with swirls of rich dulce de leche. 

Libidreams -Taro milk tea made with taro powder, coconut milk, black tea, and tapioca pearls is topped with marshmallow fluff and drizzled with sweet violet and jasmine syrups. This fragrance smells soft and romantic, while still appealing to gourmand scent lovers. 

Miss Atomic Bomb*  -A soft, powdery floral with notes of ylang ylang and jasmine on a satiny base of white musk. (Inspired by Sex Bomb)

Mr. Brightside* -Mandarin, tangerine and bergamot create a sunshiny citrus fragrance. (Inspired by Brightside)

My Bloody Orange Valentine -Succulent, ripe and tart blood orange note. 

Only Happy When It Rains -Ozonic air and rain water are enhanced with prickly cactus pears for a strong aquatic blend. Ghost flowers add a touch of white floral freshness.  Desert sands mingle with warm amber to create an earthy base.

Pamplemousse** -Classic pink grapefruit single note with hints of pink florals.

Paris is Burning -Crème brûlée accord comprised of creamy vanilla bean custard with a caramelized sugar top. A sweet, milky, vanilla musk fragrance.  

Pinkies Up - English breakfast tea with two lumps of sugar and a slice of lemon. Vanilla cupcakes piled high with Chantilly cream frosting. Accompanied by nutty scones and buttery madeleines.  Rose geranium essential oil adds a subtle green herbaceous note with the richness of rose. 

Pink Moon -Sun ripened raspberries still on the vine. Honeysuckles dripping with nectar.  Sweet and succulent pulps of juicy oranges, farm fresh peaches, and sugared pink grapefruit.   

Punk Love -Warm golden amber blended with sandalwood and light musk.  A splash of vanilla sweetens the prominent tonka bean base. 

Southern Belles in London Sing -We combined two very different atmospheres for this fresh and fruity medley! Southern Belles are represented with ripe blackberries heavy on the vine and magnolia trees bursting with blooms. London is represented with a rainfall accord we created using a blend of crisp mint, cedar, eucalyptus, fern, dew, and fresh cut grass. 

Strawberry Cream Puff -Juicy, ripe, summer strawberries are drizzled with simple syrup and topped with dollops of sweet cream atop a vanilla puff pastry. 

Sweet Avenue -Pink sugar and cherry blossoms create a cotton candy floss accord. Fizzy strawberry and blue raspberry smell like red pop rocks candy. Bubbly citrus notes of tangerine and mandarin evoke orange soda nostalgia. Candy conversation hearts of tart apple and sugar crystals, along with vanilla musk create the base. 

Surfpunk -A refreshing blend of beachside Japanese treats! Mango Purin jelly dessert made with mango purée and milk. Melon cream soda with notes of sweet honeydew and vanilla ice cream. Kakigori shaved ice topped with musk melon sugar syrup and sweetened condensed milk. 

Then They Kissed Me* -Creamy osmanthus blossoms, apricots, myrrh, labdanum, and amber. (Inspired by 1000 Kisses Deep)

Tranquility -White tea with light touches of lemongrass and ginger root tamp down the sweetness of this peach forward, spa inspired scent.  Lotus flowers and bamboo stalks create a green floral aromatic and aquatic undertones. 

Vanilla O'Lay* -Rich vanilla is mixed with the aroma of comforting burnt caramel. Elevated with hints of sweet tonka bean and and sheer white florals. (Inspired by Vanillary)

Yuuwahuu -Iced Thai tea with notes of black tea, star anise, and cardamom is muddled with fresh summer peaches and garnished with mint. Osmanthus absolute’s apricot note enhances the peach notes, while its slightly indolic note accents the white musk base. 

*Lush + Us Dupes Disclaimer: Black Hearted Tart is not affiliated with Lush. References to Lush fragrances are for descriptive purposes only. Fragrances are not made by the Lush brand.

**Limited Edition Summer Scents 


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